Domaines Chainier’s team came to L+B Design with one of the most essential challenges: Create a website experience so connected with the legacy of the brand, so identifiable and so engaging that in a few minutes It can convey two generations of winemaking in the Loire Valley.

Together and on a tight budget, we built a bi-lingual site that brings light to the Domaine Chainier and its different collections and reaches to both a consumer and professional audience alike. We worked in collaboration with Pierre Chainier's marketing team to select the most emblematic pictures, reorganise and update the original content, develop additional content and tailor it to a digital platform in order to feature the amazing and rich history of the  Chainier legacy and history of winemaking.

One of the largest winemakers in the Loire Valley now exists as a premier partner for wine professionals, leading experts in the sustainable development of the land and an ambassador of one of the richest historical areas in France. L+B Design continues to act as a partner and is currently developing additional marketing tools and interactive content which will help the audience connect further with the Chainier legacy and expertise in Winemaking.