We see this happening all the time: When someone is launching a business, there are so many things to worry about, and tackle and decision-making becomes a daily occurrence; shouldn’t I do this? What about that?  One can get quickly overwhelmed and afraid to take the wrong path. It is understandable; running a business bombard you with real tangible matter to deal with: paying the bills, getting more customers, or simply dealing with making sure the product is right or finding an audience.

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Once in a while, you’ll come across new businesses for whom branding and design are part of their priorities, but in a vast majority, many still believe that branding is limited to a name and a cute logo and only large corporations have the luxury to care for that part of the business. Did you know that Apple's Brand itself, not any of the products, is valued at $1.5Billion? In reality, Branding is so much more and is often the foundation of a significant and lasting business no matter its size.

In a simple way, it communicates the attributes, values, tone and very reason for why and how it has a purpose that will make someone decide on choosing this company over its competitor.  


Here is some core area that will establish a strong brand for years provided it is cared for not only at launch phase but in an ongoing manner:


A reliable, professional and straightforward mark not only can be remembered but can express the brand purpose in a second. The repetition and readability at any scale increase its potential for being recognized while represented as part of a broad visual language.


It might be one of the most important parts of a nascent business or an established one. We often say it take years to build a brand and take a minute to take it down. Building trust is a key factor in successful brands; Trust invites relationships, exchange, and nurture with the brand. By extension, it will build bridges and referrals with or from other customers. It is, therefore, important to communicate in a professional way and be consistent with your core values, define and speak with a voice that can represent the brand accurately.


But what is the purpose of building this great brand if it is not shared with your first brand ambassadors; your employees? When was the last time you had an internal branding sessions, explaining or communicating around the brand, its offering, values and what it stand for? When was the last time you asked a colleague if he could accurately describe in what sentence what the business does?

Corporation spends a substantial amount of money in marketing and branding positioning to reach the right audience but often forget the internal effort of briefing their inside forces forgetting that they will turn into brand ambassadors every time someone will ask them who do they work for? What the company does and how do they like it.  A strong brand will invest in its people to make sure they are enthusiastic and proud of the brand they represent.

A work-in-progress

Building a brand doesn't stop the day you have designed a logo and launched the company website, quite the opposite, in fact, it is when it all start. Imagine building a beautiful resort and have it ready for day one. It will have a life on its own, be described by customers, known for what it convey, the quality of service but also for how it made the customer feels and what stayed with them when they return home.

Putting the visual elements in place to tell the story; visually, in writing, or in motion can build deep relationships with its audience or, remain a beautiful but empty shell for most.  Telling the story is an ongoing process. Of course, there is the point of why and when one comes to create a business, but there is also a point to share the purpose with the like-minded audience. Designing a logo and applying a step and repeat throughout all the company touch points isn’t a silver bullet by itself. The most important thing in today’s economy and marketplace is to remember that customer have choices but want to invest in a connection, a more complex and meaningful relationship. 

Do you have stories or a challenge you have or are encountering with your brand? share it with us, we would love to hear from you on this topic.